Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Book Writing

So I have a new adventure I have been pursuing. I recently started writing books with my 3 year-old son Griffin. My mother was a school teacher and it was her idea. We usually find a picture, ask Griffin questions about the picture and he fills in the blanks, which make the story. It is very fun and I highly recommend trying it sometime.

Yesterday I asked him if he would prefer writing a story based on drawings I made, or write a story and have me draw pictures based on what he wrote. He wanted me to draw pictures based on what he wrote. We both like robots so I asked him if he would like to write a story about robots. He agreed and this is how it went:

Me: What is the robots name?

Griffin: The robots name is Rent-Bob.

Me: What does the robot do?

Griffin: He is a fisherman.

Me: How does he catch the fish?

Griffin: He uses a fishing pole.

Me: What kind of fish does he catch?

Griffin: He catches pink fish.

Me: Where does he fish?

Griffin: He fishes in a book.

Here is a picture of the Author to go along with the back cover of the book.

To be honest, since I heard about Griffin's diagnoses, I have been less than inspired to draw. Maybe this will be the spark to get me back on the drawing wagon, so to speak. If any of you, out there in the blogging world, would be inspired to illustrate a short Griffin story, let me know and I will send you a story that you can illustrate too. It can be loose, it can be sloppy, and it can be awesome in it's simplicity.

I will admit, I have been playing with this character design for a few weeks now. There is a story I have been writing with my sister that will have a robot character in it. This was a good excuse to practice using the robot in scenes and different poses.

I used drawing paper, pencil (with no eraser), and crayon. Crayon is an interesting media but can be frustrating when working at a small scale; this book is about 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches. Next time I try my hand using crayons I will do so at a larger scale.