Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recent Work

I did funny drawing that I later made into a more or less finished piece. The drawing plays on the word Mullet, as in the hair style (not the fish), and how it sounds like "mole" is part of the word.

I have also been sketching a kind of silly idea that is a mash-up between Chuck Norris and Charlie Brown. The idea is that Chuck is a nickname for Charlie and that Charlie Brown grew up to Chuck Norris; I think Lucy sent over the edge with her football shenanigans. I also added Nunchucks and Chuck Taylor shoes for good measure. The inked version is below:

First version edited after getting some critique: stance changed, more open shirt
with more chest hair added, and ripped sleeve added.

If I decide to move forward with it I will add color and what not.

Here is the colored version. I changed the chest hair, once again. I also
used a half-tone technique to give it an old Sunday Comic Strip feel.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Can I do it in time?

I have opted to try and create a design for a t-shirt contest for the band Arcade Fire. I had an idea for it, based on something I head said in an Arcade Fire interview, and sketched something about a week ago.

First Sketch 

Then I started drawing it. I scanned the image in pieces then put them together into a composite.

Composite Drawing

Now I have this together, can I color it and finish it by 12:00 EST? The answer is yes. I submitted with time to spare at 11:15. Here is the final colored version:


If you have time PLEASE GO & SCORE IT NOW.