Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dah-vid (Post-post Modern Art)

14.5 x 7 inches or 10 x 22 inches. Pencil converted to digital color

Here is an illustration I did to show the silliness of internet culture. A bit of a jab at what is visually popular, what people actually look at, and what is considered art these days. It begs the question "What is art?" Did that sound pretentious enough?

Friday, June 22, 2012

ChaDes Challenge LXV: Highlanders

This is my return to the ChaDes Challenge set forth by honorable Austin Madison. I have been absent from the challenge for too long. In anticipation of the movie Brave, challengers are creating Highlandish character designs. This is Crannog Mackinnon the highest of the Highlanders from the Isle of Sky; please excuse the bad pun.

I have another illustration / design based on an older ChaDes Challenge that I did not participate in, but loved, that I will post soon. Keep yar eyes peeled.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Brain Wash

Here is a recent illustration I did for a client presentation. It is a good example of working with a client and adjusting an illustration to meet their needs. In the initial concept meeting we discussed using an image of a brain taking a bath. After I did some pencil sketched, which I wish I could find as an example, we decided to go forward with the illustration pictured below.

I thought it was a clever illustration because it implied both brain bath and "Brain Wash." When I mentioned this to the client they rethought the message and said they really wanted to imply a bath of chemicals. To me this implied a negative impact on the brain which lead to memories of Bugs Bunny bathing in a hot cauldron unaware that he was being cooked. We decided to go with an image of a Brain bathing in a cauldron filled with a chemical broth.

Although I like the double meaning of the original illustration the final art was a much clearer communication of the clients message. I also like the art in the second version more, so it's a double win.