Thursday, May 3, 2007

How It All Began

There are many theories regarding the origins of man, the world, and so forth. I have theories and ideas of my own but I will save those for another day or the afterlife. This is all about the birth of a blog, a living and breathing thing. It grows and lies dormant, at times, and hopefully many will take interest in this process.
I will set forth with a mission to offer up samples of art, theories, ramblings, and giberish in general. If you like it, keep coming back and you don't like it, well then do what you like.
Since I don't currently have any of my own art to display, I will show you a piece I came across lately.

"The Last Jedi Supper." Sure to be a classic among art historians the world over. What I can't believe is the time this artist put in this creation.
Let me know if you have any thoughts; about this art or just any thoughts.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The 'Darkside' is strong with this one...