Friday, November 16, 2007

Camel Flying on a Rocket

I hope this makes someone laugh.

I didn't get to the "Chades Challenge" therefore I lost this week. I finished this piece because it was related to work.


Anonymous said...

What a crack up a camel riding a rocket! Great job!

Luis Servo said...

Very funny ilustration. Incredible non-sense... Congratulations!!!

danshultz said...

Looks really sharp, nice combo hand drawing & PhotoShop

3ster said...

How funny illo! The expression of the camel is so nice!


ScottE said...

In my mind, this camel is shouting in the voice of Slim Pickens!

Bilgin Ibryam said...

Can I use this image in my blog post related to Camels?

Josh (musarter) said...

Yes. Please just reference my name, year it was created and my website:
Josh Billings, 2007 (
It does not need to be big or black.
Thanks for your interest.