Monday, November 19, 2007

IF: Superstition

My entry for "Superstition" is of the Chupacabra. In the Latin American world the Chupacabra is as infamous as Bigfoot/Yeti, UFOs, and Nessy. The name Chupacabra means "Goat Sucker" and sightings describe the beast as having a ridge of spikes going down it's back, standing like a kangaroo, having the head of a panther or dog, and having scaled or leathery skin.
I wish I had the time to color it in. My next few entries may have to be quick, like this one, and have no color.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Camel Flying on a Rocket

I hope this makes someone laugh.

I didn't get to the "Chades Challenge" therefore I lost this week. I finished this piece because it was related to work.

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Walk to Work

Since it is Fall and very beautiful in North Georgia I thought I would show all of you my walk to work. Follow the semi-transparent line:

First I leave from my garage and walk to the street.

I do this through my next door neighbors yard; they rent and don't care if I do this.

Next, I walk down my other neighbors drive way. I got permission to do this; they were happy to facilitate someone walking to work. At the end of the driveway I go left.

This is the view leaving my neighbors yard and entering a deer path. Here I go right.

Here the path descends down a steep hill which I walk down diagonally. I will note here that it is important for me to wave around a small stick in front of me to avoid spider webs.

At the bottom of the hill I veer left and step down into a stream bed.

This is were I jump the stream and head towards civilization.

I stroll by the 4H Club garden behind the 4H Club building. This is public property so I do not have to worry about being shot.

This is the parking lot of the Watkinsville Court House in downtown Watkinsville.

Standing on the North Western Corner of the Courthouses' side walk I make my way to Water Street.

I proceed down Water Street.

I turn left onto Durham Street.

I arrive at High Performing Systems, Inc. at 8:28 AM.
For those of you who do not know, Watkinsville is a town outside of Athens GA.

Friday, November 2, 2007

IF: Hats

I sometimes feel this way and I'm sure many of you do to. This is the first image that came into my mind about hats, I don't know why but it did. Maybe it is because I felt particularly this way today.

Great Illustrators: Inspiration

I have recently been turned on to some great illustrators, past (Kley) and contemporary, that are very inspiring to me. The range of styles varies but it is all awesome. I challenge anyone who sees an unfamiliar illustrator listed to Google their work; you will be amazed by some great stuff.

Thank you to Illustration Garage members, on the website, for showing most of these artists.

Pascal Campion

Marshall Arisman

James Jean

James Jean again

Heinrich Kley

Audrey Kawaski