Friday, February 26, 2010

Sherlock Whale

I did this a few months back...I don't remember why. I suppose there does not always have to be a reason.


3ster said...

Hi Josh,
how are you?

I have to say I´m glad to visit you too, there are a lot of new things in your blog.
I think too that sometimes there is no a reason for some drawings... they suddenly appear...

And sometimes this is fantastic.

Nice to come here again.
All the best


Brine Blank said...

That's another great one...some of my best work starts out as pointless...then I make up an excuse to use it!!! Did you get my email on the dedication page?

FrankenBarry said...

If he's trying to find the killer, he would take a look in the mirror! Funny sketch, Josh!

G1toons said...

ha ha i like, been a while since i have stopped by your page, nice tshirt design also