Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Walk to Work: 2010

A couple years ago I created a post about my commute to work, here. This is my new updated version for 2010. You will notice some differences from the previous version. I recently created a new trail through some bamboo to make my walk even shorter. The previous version was also created during Fall and this version is set in Spring. I hope this version makes sense and that you enjoy it.

This is where I walk out my garage and walk to my neighbors fence.

I cut across a little bit of my neighbors yard to get to the drive-way of the next house over.

This is one of the houses at the end of my cul-de-sac. My neighbors graciously let me go through their yard to cut across to public land.

This is where I cut from the neighbor's yard to an easement.

Starting down the "deer trail" down to the stream bed.

Recently a storm knocked down a rotten tree that cut across my path. I had to start stepping or jumping over this tree. Being He-man I attempted to lift the tree a bit to make my movement easier; actually the huge rotten stump was relatively lite considering it's size. It is now even easier to get to the stream bed below.

This is where I have to cross the stream bed. Sometimes it's easy to cross but other times, such as after a big rain storm, it can be difficult to cross.

I also want to point out "The Monkey tree." It is a Magnolia tree that is more than 100 feet tall and looks to be one of the greatest climbing trees of all time. Note to self: climb The Monkey Tree soon.

"The Monkey Tree."

Here is the way out of the stream bed.

This is a 200 yard stretch behind the local 4-H building.

At the end of this path I veer a bit to the left.

Here is another stretch, about 150 yards, across a nice lawn. I got permission from the property owner to cross this business's' property.

Here I veer to the right to embark on my new trail.

I must walk between these two bamboo shoots to avoid some Poison Ivy.

Here I must cross a rotten, felled, tree across a 5 foot deep stream bed. I step on one end of the log, hold a bamboo shoot for balance, and jump to the other end of the log. I do not want to find out how rotten the log is by stepping in the middle. After this I enter a thick bamboo forest.

This a little turn in the forest.

This is where I have to jump or straddle over a log.

Most of this trail is fairly natural. It was caused by falling trees and, probably, animal trails. This is the section I really had to hack through to make this trail work.

This is where I exit the bamboo forest and enter a new property. I have asked and gotten permission to cross this yard too.

When I come across this corner I can see my place of employment about a 100 yards away.

This is where I enter to start my work day.

I appreciate all the people along the way who have let me cross their yards in order to give me such a wonderful commute to work. This has to be one of the most pleasant commutes in the country. Let me know what you think.


CĂ©leste Gagnon said...

what a nice walk to work, I think I would get distracted and never make it there...

justdoodleit said...

Such a beautiful green environment...loved the walk through pics and narration! I'd rather work in the woods itself with a stool and easel :)

Gulzar said...

I love this journeys road better then the last one.

I love it.
you are so luck to walk thru the real jungle instead of a concrete one!

way to happy for ya! :) yay!