Friday, June 18, 2010

ChaDes: Guilty Insomniac

Ballpoint and Sharpie Pen, 4 x6 inches.

A last minute entry for the challenge. I toyed around with idea of a crazed insomniac roaming the streets with a knife. But then I decided to make it more psychological by entering the lunatic's mind and asking "what have I done." There must be a blend between reality and imagination when the mind never rests, an uncertainty of all things; I was trying to play off of that.

No pencil or erasing here. Sometimes it can be liberating to draw a drawing for drawings sake, to be loose and not so intentional.

1 comment:

Brine Blank said...

Great feeling with the expression here...really like the design and looseness of it all...experiencing a bit of insomnia for the past 3 weeks...I have everything twisted around since school let much anxiety I guess...