Wednesday, February 16, 2011

APPsolutely inGENIOUS!

Anyone who follows this blog probably remembers that I do work for an online magazine called Literacyhead. Last week I was contacted and asked to create 6 logos/identities in 24 hours; and yes, my jaw dropped with a deadline like that. It turned I actually had a weekend to complete the project for an education competition but that is still not a lot of time.

The identities were for a Suite of APPs called APPsolutely inGENIOUS! Each App uses art in different ways to teach story comprehension. The mix of Literacyhead being good about letting me be creative and clear communication, about the project, made these identities a success.

Art Starts uses art that relates to a particular story to help kids understand the story.

The Build App asks the readers to build a building, house, or room based on their level of comprehension of the story.

This one uses art to make analogies to help with reading comprehension.

Picture Problems uses Math to help with the comprehension of stories. Don't ask me how this works, I am terrible at math.

This App uses the different substance of cooked egg textures to demonstrate levels comprehension: Hard-boiled (understand clearly), Fried (kind of understand), and Scrambled (don't understand).

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