Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Recycle Bin Design

I recently came across a design contest to design a recycle bin for Global Inheritance. Global Inheritance is a non-profit that oversees educational and environmental programs at major festivals and events across North America, and the Coachella Music Festival have created TRASHed.

It is always fun and challenging to design for a unique shape or surface. When I saw the shape and the hinge I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Whenever I saw a recycle bin open in the past, I always thought is kind of looked like a Crocodile or Amphibian opening a large mouth. I was lucky that Sculptee comes in a green that was very close to the plastic on the small bin. I used some burlap, a key chain ring, and some grommets to make the sash. Originally I conceived making arms and hands but as I put the piece together the sash idea came to me. I think the sash works better than the arm idea: it adds some texture and extra visual interest.

Here is my creation, "I am a Recycle-tarian," sitting on
my recycle bin at home.

Here is the "Recycle-tarian" with it's mouth open.

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