Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Children's Clothes Designs

It has been awhile but I am back with a set of Children's designs. It is for a contest sponsored by Wittlebee on Threadless. For all of these I did a literal, and cute, interpretation on commonly know themes.

 The Cat's Pajamas.
Ideally this would be placed on a kid's pajama shirt
and the pajama pants would be a print of the fish pattern
I created for the design.

Click for details. 

Turtle Neck.
Would be best on an actual turtleneck shirt. 

Click for details. 

The Sea Cow jumped over the Moon Jellyfish.
I was thinking this one would work well on a Onesie.

Thanks for stopping by and looking. Let me know what you think, if you feel so inclined. I will have the links for voting available once they are all approved.

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