Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Action Plan

I did this illustration for my work a few months ago. We have a thing here called an "Action Plan" that is supposed to get managers/leaders excited to implement what they have learned in classes. What says action and excitement more than swinging on rope like Indiana Jones.
Jones is the coolest action hero of all time: this is one of my observations. What other action hero would not mortally fear grinding off his family jewels while being dragged behind a truck going 30 mph on a rocky road?... What other action hero desecrates ancient holy places just so Nazi's can't do it first? What other cool action hero successfully uses a whip? What other action hero has travelled the world and met Hitler? Trust me.


Munchanka said...

Here here!
Also: what other action hero does James Bond call Junior?

Josh (musarter) said...

How could I missed that in my wrant? Good call.

Alina Chau said...

Cool illo!

3ster said...

Nice illustration, Josh!
Finally I´ve participated at illustration Friday like you suggested to me... Thanks a lot!


Toyebot said...

Action! Nice job!

Tim Bye said...

Great work! I like the fact he's reading and swinging!